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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  February 7, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EST

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ticket holder for the reason he says the name and the logo has to go. also this hour a dire warning about alzheimers. why the nation faces epidemic numbers of the disease. fox 5 morning news starts right now. >> this is fox 5 morning news. >> there's your live look outside. pretty skies out there. more clouds than we had yesterday morning. it's another cold start as well as you would expect. this is thursday february 7th. good morning i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm allison seymour. happy you are with us on this thursday morning. a calm thursday morning. so far weather wise. >> yes, it is. tucker barnes can tell us what more we can expect. >> good morning tony and allison. a cold start to your day. temperatures falling back into the 20s. we're just 33 here in town. cool afternoon cloud cover highs in the upper 30s to 40s. lots to talk about
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weather wise. let's kick it off and talk about your current temperatures. 33 at reagan national. dulles at 27. and bwi marhsall we're now 28. looking at the satellite radar, two storms one off to the north and west and the major player over the next couple days that system down in the northern gulf, that's going to take shape here and move up the eastern sea board and bottom line bring us a lot of clouds today. for cost for today cloud cover and late tonight and during tomorrow a wintery mix transitioning to rain and a period of snow late friday before the whole system wraps up late friday and early saturday morning. this system we'll talk a lot about it this morning. has the potential to become a historic storm. not in the washington area but north and north and east of us where they are talking about blizzards. providence, hartford. no issues today. high temperatures in the
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upper 30s to 40. all right. that's a quick look at the forecast, lots more details coming up. traffic with the one and only julie wright. >> on the roads this morning, southbound 270 checking for the crash near montgomery village avenue. finding the delays as you travel southbound headed out towards 124. a further south before the lane divide checking for another crash reported here just before the split and continue out towards democracy boulevard. heavy volume from shady grove road. northbound 395 for the accident. vdot still here on the scene. one lane to the left gets by. delays are starting to stack up off i 95. big tie ups right now. and traffic will slow off of the ramp on to northbound 395. northbound new hampshire avenue. the crash that we had now cleared. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic.
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>> all right, thank you very much. >> our top story now this hour, the confirmation hearing for the president's pick for new cia director begins today. >> john brenan has come under scrutiny for the drone strike program. melanie alnwick is live with new developments on the release of a classified document that gives the legal rational for secret drone strikes. >> reporter: that's right, tony. the president made this last minute decision to release secret memos to target and kill americans overseas to depart the growing controversy that would have come to a head today. this is what caused the white house to give in. confirmation hearing for john brennan to become the next director of the cia. leading proponent of lethal drone strikes overseas that have killed americans.
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there was a growing call for the president to show the secret legal reasoning that gives the white house the authority to carry out those strikes and the president has just decided to comply. a republican veteran of these battles says the drone policy goes too far. >> the president is taking all of this authority to himself. he is the judge, the jury and the executioner. that is absolutely 100% wrong. >> and brennan today will face questions over the strikes including whether it's better to simply kilter orrists remotely rather than capture or interrogate them. the white house stands by a program to conduct the war on terror. >> it's fair to say that far fewer civilians lose their lives in an effort to go after senior leadership in al-qaida along the lines we're discussing as oppose
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an effort to invat a country with hundreds and thousands of troops to invade cities and towns. >> reporter: also have to answer conflicting statements for and against the use of enhanced interrogation techniques that were employed during the bush administration. i'm melanie alnwick live on capitol hill. >> thank you. >> meanwhile, the president's pick for defense secretary will have to wait longer to find out if he has the senate support. a confirmation vote on chuck hagel has been delayed. so the critics can take a closer look at his finances. >> 7:05 and also making headlines on the hill, another hearing focused on the u.s. consulate attack in libya that left a u.s. ambassador and three other americans dead.
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defense secretary will testify. a team of top house democrats will unveil their gun control proposals. call for assault weapons ban and similar to what's in president obama's plan. and speaking of president obama, the president will meet with house democrats today. his second day selling his second term agenda to law makers in a retreat for democrats. they will gather in virginia. the president is trying to build support on issues ranging from the economy to immigration to guns. just days before his state of the union address. >> massive military budget cuts are taking their toll in a very high profile way. defense secretary has signed off on cutting the aircraft carrier fleet from 2 to 1. the move is creating havoc for families in norfolk, virginia. home to the uss harriet truman.
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now have deployments canceled. many already had given up apartment leases and cell phones but now scrambling to find back up plans. two aircraft carrier groups for the last two years. the head of the postal service announces he's cutting mail delivery on saturdays starting in august. the move will save $2 billion a year. the post office cannot do it by itself. the law states the post office shall deliver mail 6 days a week. the government is currently operating on a temporary spending measure. congress should change the law. >> on a state level virginia's house speaker choosing to derail a plan to redraw 40 senate districts. ruled the senate amendment was not germane that made minor directions.
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if the senate version had passed, would have given the gop a powerful advantage in state elections. >> the boy scouts have now delayed a decision on whether to admit gay members. the board was expected to vote on the issue yesterday. in the meantime, the boy scouts will consult with troops to determine the best course of action. conservative leaders say they support the ban but more than a million people have signed a petition to overturn it. >> i'm so thankful we live in a land where we can respect your right to disagree. we ask you to respect our right to uphold the values we have held for over 100 years. >> i'm confident we're going to win this. i have no doubt. the delay is just that, it's a delay. >> a large majority are sponsored by religious dominations. will result in mass deflections. >> a dc judge says he will not
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sun seal documents related to the chendra levy case. recent hearings that discuss possible issues with a trial witness. levy was a washington intern when she disappeared in 2001. serving a 60 year sentence for her murder. he will be back in court today as part of another issue with the case. police in northern virginia are still looking for whomever fire bombed a local deli. a shop owner was inside. he's now recovering from burns. the explosion caused significant damage to the store. don't know if the explosive was thrown or carried in. and still no word on a motive. tony. >> someone in virginia will wake up this morning $217 million richer. power ball officials say a ticket for last night's drawing matching all six numbers
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was sold in the richmond area. the numbers are 5, 27, 26, 28, 41 and the power ball number was 12. the jackpot is the second largest ever won with the ticket sold in the commonwealth. >> good luck. you weren't in richmond yesterday? >> i was not, unfortunately. >> award shows are known for outrageous fashion. still ahead, the outrageous list of rules designed to stop any wardrobe malfunctions. >> also, 8 decades and counting. we're going to introduce you to the longest married cup logical and share their advice for luck and love. sarah. >> experts say the u.s. is in store for alzheimers epidemic. why race of the memory robbing disease could triple over the next 30 years. >> first though we're going to check in with tucker to see if a
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a driver continues to fight for his life this morning after colliding with a freight train. this happened yesterday near brandy wine and cherry tree roads in prince georges county. the driver's identity hasn't been released. but the car had plates indicating it was registered to a charles county firefighter. the driver may have been the car owner's son. the train was not damaged. no one on board the train was hurt. >> today could be the calm before the storm for most of new england. a major winter storm is taking aim at the region and could dump as much as 2 feet of snow.
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the storm will likely begin tomorrow morning and last throughout saturday night. blizzard watches are in affect for parts of massachusetts and rhode island. >> and so we want to know what does this mean for us? >> well, we're going to be right on the southern and western edge of this. looks like the process is called phasing. that's where two storms come together. a little further north and east of us. we're not going to be seeing the worst of this storm. it's going to be a close call. and i think parts of the area could get at least a wintery mix around here for part of the day tomorrow. this forecast definitely you are going to want to monitor sue and gary's latest this afternoon. it's a changing forecast. 33 in regan. it's cold. no issues with the forecast today. we'll be generally cloudy with temperatures up near 40. cooler than yesterday.
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check out your cold temperatures. this is part of the most necessary ingredients for a blizzard. 11 degrees and 19 in boss stone. and that will be a big factor in the forecast as the storm takes shape tomorrow. it's a two part eras i mentioned. storm off to the north and west and the major storm there that will be developing across the northern gulf and the process is called phasing. these two storms are going to become one monster nor easter during the day tomorrow. clouds today. later tonight after midnight closer to day break tomorrow we'll get a period of wintery mix in here north and west of the city. and just rain for our friends to the south and east. and we'll transition locally to rain during the day tomorrow and probably not even heavy rain. and then tomorrow night as the whole storm cranks up, wrap
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around moisture. possibilities we could see winter weather around here but the jackpot is going to be off to the north. boston, providence. where they could be looking at one to 2 feet. this comes on the heels of historic storms back in 1978. they are saying this could be comparable. >> and although they are not going to get the worst of it but parts of long island and new york. >> absolutely. this forecast has been fine tuned. we always talk about weather computer models and they are not green about the eventual track of the storm. that could play into our forecast as well. >> all right, sir. thank you. >> he says. >> i just want to be careful. right now mostly rain for us. >> thanks, tucker. >> traffic now. julie wright has the latest on that. >> he mentioned 2 feet of snow, that's like above my knee. >> yeah but don't worry about it. >> and that's with heels on.
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i can't help it. i'm 5-1 on a good hair day, tucker. 395 northbound our crash here allowing traffic to squeeze by in the left lane. big tie ups leaving springfield. 95 is tied up headed out towards quantico. continuing up into lorton. there's that slow traffic with only the one left lane squeezing through. delays southbound on 270 leaving german town south towards 124. accident reported in the right lane. show you what else is out here on the roads. in maryland, westbound on 50 checking for a crash at the beltway. the accident reported before you reach 495 back at 704. inbound delays from 410 headed in towards northeast. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> whooping cough may be making a come back according to a study in today's new england journal of medicine.
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first u.s. case of whooping cough caused by a germ that may be vaccine resistant. might be one reason why the u.s. just had its worst year for the infection in 60 years. >> is the u.s. facing an alzheimers epidemic that would affect millions of elderly americans? a new study in the journal of urology says the number of cases could triple by 2050. >> that could put a huge burden on our healthcare system and care givers. sarah is back now with more on this. hate to hear about this study. good morning. >> that's certainly true. that new study confirm s what many groups have been warning for years. within the next three decades the number of americans with alzheimers will jump from 5 million to 14 million. steals memory, personality and ability to perform daily functions. mostly the result of aging baby
7:20 am
boomers or those born from 1946 and 1964. the population of people 65 and older is expected to double increasing the chance of more alzheimers patients. despite increased funding for research, alzheimers is the only disease that has no cure or treatment. the alzheimers association is currently waiting on approval for an additional $100 million in funding. we'll see if they get that. tony and allison, over to you. >> thanks, sarah. >> it is 7:20. coming up next. the secret to endless love. >> and later, battling ogres at the imagination stage. we'll check in with holly morris for a preview of a new interpretation of an old jap cheese folk tale. we'll be right back. 
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we have a quick correction to our power ball story.
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we're sorry. we made a mistake with the numbers. the correct ones are now on the screen. they are 5, 27, 36, 38, 41 and the power ball number was 12. imagine if the numbers we read someone had and they thought they were the winner for 10 minutes. sorry about that. >> valentine's day just a week away and to put you in the mood, nice. i love this song. diana ross and li onel richie. >> meet john and ann. the new york couple has been married for 80 years. >> unbelievable. >> earned them the title longest married couple by worldwide margin counter. the couple says there are no secrets to a long marriage but they survived by living with contentment and not living beyond their means.
7:25 am
you are trying to do the math. how old must they be? >> john is 101 years old and is 97. they have had five children. 14 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren. that is wonderful. >> here's to love and longevity. unbelievable. what if you haven't found your lasting love yet? >> you still have hope. >> what is it that is most important to you in a partner? >> a new study sponsored by the online dating web site surveyed more than 5,000 singles over the age 21. a woman's teeth are the most important thing a man judges her on. 58% of men had that as top priority. experts say teeth can indicate how clean and healthy someone is. are we sure we're not talking about buying a horse. proper grammar, a person's clothes and how much
7:26 am
debt someone has. >> nowhere is how nice they are or how nice they seem to be. >> very interesting. still ahead in our next half hour, is the name redskins racist? we'll look at why critics say it's time for the team to change its name and read suggestions for an alternative. >> it is hard to come up with an alternative. new jersey governor is sick of talking about his weight. >> as he should be. wills, a live look outside. the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie next. it is 7:26. you are watching fox 5 morning news. day. now you can do it with dinner.
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if she wants to get on a plane and asks to examine me, i'll have a conversation with her. until then she should shut up. >> had sharp words for a former white house doctor to say she'd like to see the republican run for president but worried he would quote die in office because he's so heavy. earlier this week poked fun at his waist line called her comments irresponsible and upsetting to his family. >> i can imagine that's getting a little tiring for him to deal with.
7:30 am
>> yeah. no doubt. >> okay. mr. barnes. i see you looking at all the maps. >> trying to get a good baring on what's happening. looks like we're going to get the worst of this one. go north my friends. up towards southern new england going to be looking at jackpot. one or 2 feet of snow. haven't done this so far along the eastern sea board. been kind of dodging it here and there. we'll dodge the worst of this one. could be dealing with winter weather. so the start and at the end and in between mostly rain for us. 33 in washington. let's start with today. and thursday forecast looking fine. clouds that have moved in overnight. a lot of clouds in the forecast with high temperatures around 40 later today. going to be chilly. 30 right now in q uantico. 30 in leonard town. 25 in frederick.
7:31 am
cumberland. 25 degree s. 28 in winchester. here are your clouds. they've rolled in overnight. area storminess out towards chicago. second area of low pressure. this is going to be the primary low. going to move up and emerge here during the overnight hours and during the day tomorrow. and phasing is going to take place. that's the process by the energy here phases into one area of low pressure off of the peninsula during the day tomorrow. it looks like right now this phasing is going to take place too late for washington to get a big storm. the worst is to our north. still 24 hours away. we have to watch this forecast carefully. looks like we're going to be dealing with clouds today as the storm approaches during the overnight hours and storm morning, notice the evening commute fine, just cloudy. by early tomorrow morning. could be seeing that
7:32 am
mix starting to breakout to the north and west and washington south and east. primary just rain. and during the day tomorrow rise up and along the coast. we're looking at primarily rain. tomorrow night the storm is going to intensify you can throw a wrap around moisture back on us and dealing with snow to end the storm late friday and early saturday and a lot of wind. becoming cloudy. a cool afternoon. 40 your daytime high . tonight 34. cloudy skies. that wintery mix i mentioned late. rain during the early morning hours and just kind of a rainy day for the most part tomorrow with temperatures in the low to mid 40s. and tomorrow night end as a period of snow for parts of the area. best chance of that will be to the north and overnight lows near 30. all right. more details coming up . let's do traffic with julie.
7:33 am
what's up joules? >> anything but the temperature. headed over towards that wilson bridge, all of the lanes are open. we were checking for a crash. let's continue now with our cameras and show you what else is out here. southbound 270 a bit better out of german town. the incident at 124 has cleared. traffic will slow from 370 out towards the split. the outer loop remains below speed headed through silver spring. northbound 395 where accident clean up continues. left side of the roadways all that's able to get through. as we're speaking, they are pulling away. lanes are open. northbound 395 in a big back up. quickly , let's pull up the maps and show you what else is happening out here. for those westbound on 50, heads up, the accident reported before the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> all right, thank you very much. it is a controversial topic but our next guest says it
7:34 am
is time to take a stand. we're talking about the washington redskins. the team's name and logo have a long history of offense for american indians and today the smithsonian american indian museum will spotlight the debate. before that begins though, we turn to washington post columnist who is writing about this today. he says it's time to say good-bye to the name redskins. and thanks for joining us. controversial topic. you yourself it's taken a little while to come to this conclusion. tell me about that. >> i've been a fan as i say in the column i've been a fan since i was in high school which is quite a while ago. and i've gone back and forth on it. and i never really cared much about coming to some kind of conclusion until i'd became a column gist for the newspaper three and a half years ago and realized i was going to have to take a stand at some point.
7:35 am
i knew it was going to come up. and i sort of delayed doing that partly because my colleague writes about this all the time and i felt like it was his turf so to speak. but because i wasn't really sure where i thought. and i did a lot of research several years ago trying to figure out what i thought. and my position sort of evolved. but now i've concluded that the word is and has been seen often as racially offensive to native americans. and so many people and the rest of the country have stopped doing this. more than two thirds of the indian names and mascots that have been used by teams at the professional college and school level. more than two thirds of those have been given up for just this reason. and this is arguably the most offensive name used for a sports team in the country.
7:36 am
that's certainly what the native american advocates say. >> partly i took the position now because the mayor just talked about it because of this simposium today. and also because there's this longstanding lawsuit by native americans against the team trying to get rid of their trademark registration. and that died at one point but now revived. and the big hearing on that is coming up in march. i figured there was sort of a confluence of events and it was a good time to speak out. >> and to be fair, you say you've evolved on it. and i talked to a lot of people and you meet people who say it needs to be changed now. there are people who say come on, it's tradition. >> it is tradition. >> and there are many people who are red skin's fans who are uncomfortable in trying to figure out. >> i used to be where you are and now i've moved. i mean, i
7:37 am
think it's clear that the term by anybody who looks at this with any sense of concern for what native americans think says this has got to go. for a long time i thought get rid of the name because that's inherently racial. refers to the color of skin but keep the logo. i wanted to rename them warriors. they make a very strong case. they don't like any native american imagery. they say it all comes from stereo typical view of native americans. still native americans around. they have a lot of different characteristics. no other group is used this way. >> no other peoples or race. >> the nation's history regarding native americans is pretty sad. and i think you can
7:38 am
make a lot of good arguments. >> do the redskins, does dan snyder have an official position on this? >> he has not met with the people who are advocating the change. but his lawyers representing his team have been fighting them in court over the trademark for many years. and i don't think he's actually said anything publically about it except that he didn't want to change the name. he's been quoted as saying that it's tradition, he has some concern about all of the controversy about it. i think that the legal case doesn't look to me to be as strong as the moral or philosophical case. >> because basically trademark law as i understand it and it's really complicated. i read several hundred pages of briefs
7:39 am
recently on this. it's very complicated. if the word was not used with intent to disparage from the beginning, then you can make a case at least in court that you can keep using it forever. now, i think in this case even if it wasn't used with intent to disparage in the beginning which i believe personally, the term has become seen as more disparaging overtime. for instance, the earlier dictionary that lists the word as often offensive seems to be in the 1960s and then in the 70s more dictionaries and in the 80s more dictionaries. so i think the term is actually the understanding of it has evolved. and it's interesting if you look at the n word for african americans which i won't say on
7:40 am
the air, the greatest work of american literature. uses the n word throughout hundreds of times. mark twai nshgsn was not a person who offended. and the same thing has happened with the r word. >> we're out of time. , we've asked our viewers to weigh in on this. and come up with suggestions for new names. you suggest warriors and it works with the song. some people say skins. what does that mean? doesn't really make sense. brave skins, civics and the hogs. i've always thought what about the pig skins? that's all the time we have. thank you very much. we will be hearing more about this in the
7:41 am
days ahead. thank you, sir. we will be back with more in just a moment. right now, it's 7:40.  we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas. there's natural gas under my town. it's a game changer. ♪ it means cleaner, cheaper american-made energy. but we've got to be careful how we get it.
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don't look for any wardrobe malfunctions at sunday's grammies. producers for this year's award show have sent a memo warning them they are properly covered up. published by says please be sure buttocks and female breasts are covered. >> and thong type costumes are problematic. goes into great detail which we can't even read some of it because it's pretty explicit. very interesting. i wonder what is prompting this all of a sudden. >> you know what, may i say this? seems like they missed the boat. nobody really wears those outfits as much. >> they want to make sure. i saw photos from the last couple years like some of the dresses, for example. very low cut.
7:45 am
you've seen these shows where someone is getting up. >> seems like the last time somebody did that was with j-lo. >> isn't it a music awards? shouldn't they be concerned about the music? >> well, they are. >> fashion is part of the music scene and rock n rollers. >> i got it. steven tyler. don't know what he's going to wear. >> he should dress appropriately too. >> let's get to the weather. today just cloud cover with high temperatures near 40 and a cold start. 33 in washington. but most of the area is still in the upper 20s. we are very chilly. binghamton 11. boston 19. that's a factor in this developing forecast which will include a big coastal nor easter. i want to emphasize today, your morning commute and afternoon commute no issues. tomorrow morning a bit of a
7:46 am
wintery mix around here. this takes shape during the day tomorrow. it's a process. a deepening process which should generally take place a little further north and east of the washington area. what's that mean for us. we're going to miss the worst of this. the jackpot conditions if you are interested in winter weather. southern portions of vermont and new hampshire. and right now the forecast looking like one to 2 feet of snow there for parts of new england. for us, probably start at the wintery mix and transition to rain and perhaps transition back to a little snow for parts of the area friday night before the whole system winds down. and things get windy around here during the day on saturday. there's your 7 day. 40 today, wintery mix tomorrow morning. and we're going to warm it up. still looking at 50s early next week. if you had enough of a
7:47 am
winter weather, get a break next week. >> let's go to julie for a look at on time traffic. >> that was for the grammies. somebody left that memo on my desk this morning. >> very important, julie. goes for you too . >> 395 across the 14th street bridge now with all lanes open. delays continue out of newington across the inbound 14th street bridge. fair oaks headed eastbound towards 123. quick maps. we are checking for the crash reported downtown. northbound on 295 before the inbound 11th street bridge and delays on the inner loop from root 5 a 22 minute ride. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thanks, julie. you may have heard about the bruce willis die hard marathon. five die hard movies back to back including
7:48 am
the new one which is called a good day to die hard. if you think you are tough enough to take in all that action, here's how you can win a ticket and we do mean one ticket. go to facebook page and like it. then go to and fill out the online entry form for the marathon give away. you have to do both to be eligible to win. you can enter any time before midnight tonight. 25 winners will be chosen. they will each receive one ticket to the die hard marathon on february 13th. you must be 18 or older to enter. just a note for you fox 5 morning news facebook fans, the page we're talking about is not the page we need for you to like. not our site. it is for the facebook page. it's the parent of our fox 5
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morning news team. >> 7:48. coming up next japan japan's most famous folk tail tale. >> reporter: an action packed adventure. it is a japanese folk tale coming to life. tell you all about it live next. stay with us. a ham & cheese at noon, a turkey-cheddar-bacon in the afternoon, or a tuna salad when the job is done, sandwich on your terms with any of dunkin's freshly made bakery sandwiches for just $2.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. i never knew he liked me. we'd have to keep it quiet. or we could just tell h.r. happy valentine's day. it would never work. try the new brownie batter donut. get any six donuts for $3.99. america runs on dunkin'. welcome back. >> i'm sorry. i thought i was on this camera. >> this morning japanese folk lore comes to life. anime momotaro is a classic tale to teach kids about overcoming adversity. >> holly has more from imagination stage. >> reporter: i'm pressed tony. that rolled off your
7:53 am
tongue. anime momotaro that is the name of it. anime means imagine united nations. momo means -- good morning to you. >> good morning. >> this is a fun and different type of production. >> yeah. we're trying to bring the idea of saturday morning jar tunes to the theater and it was created by erik johnson and alvin chan and they studied some of the stuff in japan and came up with this idea. the story of momotaro is a japanese myth. they brought it together and added new stuff to make it modern and accessible for the kids. we have fight scenes, ogres, silly dances.. >> everything kids 5 to 10 just love. and maybe kids a little older. give us a little background on the story itself.
7:54 am
>> japanese folk tale. a boy who came from a peach and fights ogres who has been stealing things from everybody. throughout the story, he learns how to befriend animals. a dog who has great strength. a bird who has great courage. and through that he finds things about himself. and in our story he ends up not defeating the ogres through beating them, by killing them. but making friends. >> he kills them with kindness. >> that's right. >> i like it. i try to live that way myself. before we see you in action, how was it to mary the traditional japanese movements with this whole idea of the animation. >> that was mostly alvin chan. he had a good idea of what he wanted to do. very subtle and supposed to be in the
7:55 am
background. all in black. and they don't -- they are not supposed to draw attention to themselves. anime is all about drawing attention to yourself. funny faces and clown stuff. >> why don't we see it in action. i'm going to hand the stage over so you can see one of the main fight scenes of anime momotaro. >> i'm shaking in my boots.
7:56 am
. >> anime momotaro is running here at imagination stage through march 10th. they do recommend it's aged 5 to 10. tickets are between $12 and $25. you can get them online or via phone. we're going to talk more about them coming up in our 8:00 hour. back to you. >> thank you, holly. >> still ahead in our next hour, marking national condom month.
7:57 am
safe sex is more important than ever. >> but first, on the road with oscar. the star of the show joins us live in studio. it is 7:56. fox 5 morning news continues. continues.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
this is fox 5 morning news. >> the drone dilemma. tough questions are ahead for the president's picks to takeover the cia. we'll have a live report. >> winter blast. a snowstorm could be packing a major punch for the northeast. where exactly is it headed and could we see any of its affects? >> and american idol hits hollywood. our idol chatter is back to breakdown the stand outs. plus, find out the fate of a local fighting to stay in the race. good morning i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm allison seymour. happy you are with us on this thursday morning. >> tucker barnes joins us now to tell us what's happening with this big storm system that's going to impact the northeast.
8:01 am
maybe not so much us. >> the thinking right now is the bulk of this storm system will stay to our north and northeast. going to be a close call. we really want to watch the forecast. either way no issues today. >> okay, good. >> just clouds and temperatures and upper 30s to 40. let's kick it off with a look at the current temperatures and we're cold. if you are going to be outdoors, i saw guys cleaning windows when it was cold. >> i saw that. >> make sure you are wearing a lot of layers. it is going to feel cold with a lot of clouds and temperatures in the upper 30s to 40. 33 at reagan national. bwi 31. still 20s for out lying suburbs early today. here's your storm system. it's a two parter. another developing storm system in the northern gulf. they are going to phase together. that's an important word. phasing right across the midatlantic during the day tomorrow.
8:02 am
looks like that phasing process will take place further east and north of us. we're not going to see the worst of this storm system. but, it's still 24 hours away. many of you know the forecast can change. watch this one carefully. right now we could start with a wintery mix around here. transition to rain and back to a little snow late in the day before the whole system winds up early saturday. more details on the forecast here coming up. and dry this afternoon. evening commute no issues. >> tucker, thank you. let's check in with julie wright for a look at your on time traffic. >> on time traffic brought to you by toyota. >> all right. good morning to you, allison. once again eastbound 66 still a struggle. delays leaving fair oaks eastbound towards 123. traffic will slow on 395 as we continue
8:03 am
north headed out towards etsel road. crossing over the 14th street bridge. gw parkway southbound below speed to 123. northbound traffic slows from turker run back up towards the beltway. show you what else is happening downtown. checking for the crash northbound on 295 near the suit land parkway forming those delays headed up towards the navel research lab. big tie ups here from route 5 over towards the wilson bridge. 22 minute ride and that's with all lanes open. southbound 95 in maryland below speed down to 16 miles an hour trying to merge on to the outer loop. remains slow headed through college park. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you, julie. the big story today, the senate intelligence committee begins the confirmation hearing for president obama's pick for new cia director. >> the administration is taking action to avoid one hurdle. fox 5's melanie alnwick is live with
8:04 am
the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. and it could still depending on what happens and to what comes out of today's confirmation hearings. calls from democrats and republicans for more about this drone strike program. forced the president to release secret memos to law makers. president obama 's nominee to head the cia is the chief white house counter terrorism advisor under his watch in september 2011. became the first american targeted for death by u.s. drone strikes. his son and another american with al-qaida ties killed weeks later. unclassified memo leaked is causing trouble here. it says it is legal for the government to kill u.s. citizens abroad if they are al-qaida leaders continually engaged in operations even if there's no evidence of a specific attack. 11 senators most democrats
8:05 am
demanded the white house provide that legal justification. the aclu is concerned about the program and mr. brennan. >> it's fair to say that far fewer civilians lose their lives in an effort to go after senior leadership in al-qaida along the lines we are discussing here as opposed to an effort to invade a country with hundreds of thousands of troops and take cities and towns. >> violates the very idea of having rule of law. and then to have the architect of the whole program get a major promotion and be brought up for a cia director. the senate intelligence committee has to have hard questions of mr. br justice department will give that secret memo to members of the house and senate intelligence committees this morning. they'll get a chance to read it and go over it before
8:06 am
mr. brennan's confirmation hearings begin at 2:30 this afternoon. >> thank you. >> meanwhile, a senate committee has postponed a vote to be the new defense secretary. republicans say they need more time to comb through his finances. the two term republican senator has faced strong opposition from his ex-gop colleagues who question statements and votes on israel, iran and nuclear weapons. >> secretary of defense is raising the red flag on massive spending cuts that could impact national security. this after the navy is cutting aircraft carriers from 2 to 1. the u.s. has maintained two aircraft in that area for the last two years. the move will save the country hundreds of millions of dollars each year. but the decision is highly criticized. he says the cuts come at a time of increasing tensions across the globe. >> they would degrade our
8:07 am
ability precisely at a time of rising instability across the globe. north africa to the straights of hermuse. from syria to north korea. >> some believe the move makes economic and logistical sense. the government closing argument call for more carriers at any moment in a crisis situation. >> happening today, president obama is on the move early this morning, right now the president and first lady are attending the breakfast. later this morning the president will go to the land's down to promote his second term agenda. the meeting is taking place at the lands down resort. includes issues ranging from the economy and immigration and gun control. trying to keep house democrats
8:08 am
unidentified against the republican majority. the meeting comes one day after the president held a closed door session with senate democrats in annapolis. that's where maryland governor touted his gun control plans which includes increase in licensing fees and mandated training. his plan will prevent dangerous people from obtaining guns. but many republicans say it punishes the wrong people. >> there's a twist in the cheandra levy case. will not release documents in the case. washington intern who went missing back in 2001. her body was later found in rock creek park. the man convicted in levy's murder. serving a 60 year prison sentence. the search is on for
8:09 am
whomever fire bombed a local deli. recovering from minor burns amazingly. happened yesterday morning in lorton virginia. wasn't sure if the device was carried or tossed into the store. some neighbors believe it was gang related. >> a dc teacher is being recognized for her hard work and dedication by receiving a big surprise. jacqueline sims won the. sims was given a $25,000 check to spend anyway she wants. taught there for 13 years. good for her and congratulations. >> that's right. >> 8:09 right now. it's a thursday morning . still ahead, american idol goes to hollywood. our panel is back. find out what our panel thinks as the talent as the singers begin to
8:10 am
dwindle down. >> oscar stops by. going on a cross country tour. it will be live -- kind of -- in our studio.  this is so sick! i can't believe your mom let you take her car out. this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... (mom) i raised my son to be careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru.
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ho ho ho ♪ green giant the northeast is bracing for what could be a major winter wallop this weekend. up to 2 feet of snow could fall up into northeast connecticut and maine. a blizzard watch is in affect for several states. tucker is here to tell us more about this storm system and whether we can expect to see any of this. but first. >> a little warmup factor. what do we need today? warmth and cuteness. >> i think we've got both. might have double trouble here. time now for my first 5 photo of the day, everybody. help me with the names. 7 month old caidyn and carlea.
8:14 am
>> or carly. i'm not sure. here's what i do know, beautiful and gorgeous. >> beautiful and gorgeous. excellent description. >> thats right. >> and it warms my heart. >> look at that little baby. >> i love the look of pride on big sissy's face. >> it's true, isn't it? >> so adorable. this is what it's about. >> she's looking forward to having a little brother. >> i'm told she loves being a big sister. >> oh, really? i was told that too. she loves being a big sister and catching my first 5 before she catches the school bus. >> so today you are it. yay. have a great day today in school or pre-k. same thing. >> to send us your child's picture go to and click on mornings. love the picture of you and your baby brother. bundle up. thanks to your parents . go to and click on the mornings tab. here are your temperatures.
8:15 am
33 at reagan national . it's cold. look at new york. 27. setting the stage here for a winter storm that's going to roll up the eastern sea board during the day tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. area of low pressure will be to our east. it looks like the brunt of this storm is focused on to our north and east. roughly philadelphia, new york and the jackpot will be up towards boston and providence. perhaps hartford. looking at a potential blizzard as this storm system deepens off the eastern sea board during the day tomorrow. for us locally could start as a wintery mix and transition over to rain. and perhaps a wrap around snow late in the day tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow night. so we are not going to see the brunt of this storm as it's going to develop just a little too late for us
8:16 am
today in washington. all right. here's your accu weather 7 day forecast. let me mention today no issues. afternoon commute should be fine with high temperatures about 40. tomorrow morning we could have a wintery mix north and west of town and plain old rain for morning commute. blustery and cold on saturday. the winds will be howling around here on saturday and warming up sunday. that's a look at weather. let's do traffic. >> loving the double nickel on monday. >> nice and warm. >> i cannot wait. national prayer breakfast taking place. connecticut avenue near florida . again, right now we see traffic moving in east direction but once this event ends, expect closures in place with a lot of vip movement downtown. lanes are open if you are traveling in bound new york avenue. no issues to report leaving northeast out towards the third street tunnel. kennel worth
8:17 am
avenue from the dc line out towards the 11th street bridge. longstanding crash gone has been for quite sometime. still experiencing delays all the way up towards duke street. traffic slows again crossing the 14th street bridge. southbound on 270 looking better in german town. well below speed south of 117 leaving shady grove road. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> how could we be back in this place already? but we are. and it's hollywood week on american idol. guess who is back with us? now my life is complete. my little heart is one heart. this is jack diamond. he's the morning man mix 107.3. good morning. good to see you. i feel like i have to greet. we did this off camera. this is the kiddy
8:18 am
of the city. jeannie johnson. that is marcus johnson. we're back together again. what do we think about the new judges? >> love them. keith urban, love you. nicki, love you. i thought i was going to hate her. i didn't think it would work. given great advice. she's honest and i got to tell you. >> barbie is rocking it. what i love about mariah, her music and sassiness. she's not giving it. >> that role's been filled by nicki. >> keith is good. >> i'm right with everybody else. although i wish somebody would please talk to her about what she wears. >> that's what the nicki brand is. >> i get it. help her, please.
8:19 am
>> let's talk about keith urban. >> voice of reason. good guy. legitimate advice. he has the sincerity about him i love. and nicki has enough attitude to make up for the silence. >> is there a question about whether or not there's one judge too many? >> oh, mariah yeah, she's on the show too. >> all right. let's stick on the talent. i'm loving ryan seacrest this season. so the talent. it's too big. we don't know these guy's names yet. but we do want to talk about what we saw last night. and that's the groups. saw an solo of the groups. let's start with -- i loved your e-mail. the two gentleman who are going through issues speech impediment issues. this is a singing competition. they rocked it. came out and went for it. let's look at mi cah.
8:20 am
what a heart breaking story he has. here's micah. >> ♪ weird and their wonderful. ♪ . >> he had a botched tonsilectomy. >> these are the type of stories that make american idol rock. his voice is amazing. it's just inspirational lchlt and to me, that's true artistry. >> we're so early on it's so hard. the reason they are there is they need the support and the training. i think the back stories this year have been outstanding. and the whole array of talent you'll see blossom this year. i'm with you. there were seeds of greatness that now have to be nurtured. >> and you've seen that season after season and go to the
8:21 am
development and get on the show. you get the guidance that you need in order to develop that talent. as an artist, it's a great thing to see and i hope public schools are paying attention to this as they cut programs. these are the things that allow certain people with special problems it allows them to reach their full potential. >> of course. let's get to another story. this one touches your heart strings. this is lozaro. he has a pretty significant stammer but not when he sings. >> ♪ she offers me protection ♪ . >> in the back story, didn't we hate the other guys who were like i'm glad you made it cause we sure did work on you. if anybody should make it, it should be you. mark, let me start with you now. no doubt he can sing. >> no doubt about it. you have to take care of a guy like that. sad you go through
8:22 am
a situation where somebody's trying to take credit for what you do. especially when you look at the fact you are overcoming a speech impediment. when he got to go los angeles to where he is right now. you know as soon as that red light goes on, somebody people gets the red light in a negative way. he turns it on. >> they hated on him. but again, when the talent and when the light comes on, baby, you've got to give it up. and that's what he did. i think he has that heart factor that is going to appeal to the audience. how long he's going to last, i don't know. but it was nice. >> it was nice. and i've got to be honest with you, the business is not necessarily a nice place. the second you get any attention haters start coming out no matter how good you are. in a way this will prepare anybody who is on the show for the reality of show business and the music industry. if you can survive here when that light goes on and perform
8:23 am
on the spot then you can make it. and he's got the voice. let's see if he also has the legs to go through the competition. >> i'm going to pull an audible. we're losing time here. i want to go to jada. the glam rocker. you are not going to forget jada. if we can see him and i'm sorry i did this to you. if we're able to see him. he was in the group here. there he is. >> ♪ he would be to show me how you feel ♪ . >> let me start off by saying yes he's got that it factor. however, how is his voice? >> his voice is all right. >> he's no adam lambert. >> i see a diva glam. absolutely stunning gorgeous. >> part of it whether you can put him in a studio and get a prince record out
8:24 am
>> i thought auto tune. >> please do not mention prince in the same sentence as him. please. >> he's got the look. he's going for the look. >> you press do not. >> i want to get to our last guy. he came in and couldn't tell us anything. but now we know he is in hollywood. so let's check him out. this guy. potomic, maryland. >> that's a yes from us. >> all right. let me also say he calls himself the tubanator. is that a racist term? he's the one that came up with that. let me ask you about his voice. >> he doesn't have a great voice. i like his style and the fact he's out there doing this. and i like the variety this year. i'm really pleased to see a much wider variety of eth nis hit and talent. it's going to be a great year.
8:25 am
voting blocks do rule in american idol when it is turned over to the viewers. >> i love the cultural vibe. i'm loving the t urbin. is he the next american idol? not. >> i love his voice. for a jazzy kind of guy. chill out lounge laid back stuff, he can rock it. >> you'll see him on u street. >> are we hating? >> thank you guys. see you next week. >> all right. >> we'll be right back.  [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce...
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8:28 am
all right. welcome back. 8:28 now. tucker barnes is with us. >> starting the day off on the cold side. the clouds move in overnight. highs about 40 degrees and a lot of clouds. getting lots of questions and/or excitement about the big storm. for us, i think we're going to miss the bulk of it. we will be on the edge of it. we will get minor impacts. the main event is well to the north. probably north of new york city. boston, perhaps. >> you know how mother nature is. >> likes to flex muscles a little while. >> figuratively speaking. >> you didn't know that? >> no. >> let's do temperatures.
8:29 am
at reagan national currently 33 degrees. chilly out there. most of the region in 20s and 30s. 20s hanging tough here. 27 degrees. martinsburg, 27. winchester 28. and all morning long saying hi, 25 this morning. again, it is very cold out there to start your day. here's a look at your satellite radar. going to be mostly cloudy today. not concerned about any impacts today. just cloudy this afternoon for your afternoon commute and into the overnight hours and early tomorrow, we're going to watch this storm system. push off the eastern sea board and it's going to phase with this area storminess off to our north and west. phasing storm system off the earn sea board tomorrow. the thinking is this phasing process this deepening process will take place late so our energy will be to the north. a little winter weather around here early
8:30 am
tomorrow and perhaps a whole system will wrap up for us late in the day tomorrow and tomorrow night. here's future cast. notice we're still dry . late tonight and early tomorrow morning. north and west of the city. and generally rain south and east. just rain for you. could be a very wet rain tomorrow afternoon and there we go. future cast showing that wrap around snow potential. got to be concerned with that. here's your forecast and 7 day. 40 today with lots of clouds. tomorrow, wintery mix. and we'll get it all out of here saturday a very blustery day with high temperatures 40. that's weather. tony, back to you at the desk. >> thank you very much. live in our studio s this morning, we have rolled out the red carpet. just a few weeks away. some celebrities are focused on fashion. one golden guy is making his way around the country. for details on world win tour so you can get up and close in person with him, road
8:31 am
trip reporters angie and ben gleeb are here on the road with oscar. >> thank you, tony perkins. >> thank you for having us. >> this is pretty exciting stuff. >> we loved you in psycho. great to be standing next to you. >> i never won an oscar. >> but mom is still proud of you. >> mom was very supportive up until the end. is this a real oscar? >> 100%. it will eventually go to someone in the future. they don't make them for fun. it's the real deal. >> may i pick it up? absolutely -- >> my parents always believed in me. >> always and never once doubted you. >> it is heavy. 8.5 pounds. >> tell me how this works. a bunch of different cities. >> people can follow our whole
8:32 am
journey. they can tell us where we should stop. even within those cities to tell us what to do. come to your house and have dinner with you. play loud music. >> after this we're going to be in front of the white house, people can come say hi and hosting a happy hour from 5 to 7 where you can come meet oscar. >> and you will let people hold it. >> absolutely. first time the oscars had this opportunity for fans. usually you can't touch it and hold it. this is all hands on. >> this is really good. tell me what's been the most fun thing? you are going many places. >> we're going all over the country. the greatest thing is seeing people's reactions. i travel the country withstand up comedy and girls are interesting. you have an academy award suddenly attention of the ladies. >> not sure you are supposed to be using it in that way but okay.
8:33 am
>> the academy didn't try to rule it out. they want me to be happy. >> girls still not talk to him. i don't know where he's coming up with this. cannot get ben a conversation with a girl. >> it's not a miracle worker. >> the miracle worker did that win an oscar? you are not even old enough. you are also a stand up comedian? >> i don't do stand up but everything i do has comedy involved. the oscars wanted to lighten things up to make it fun. and the road trip we're documenting it. filming things and trying to make it funny and light. >> maybe angie's perspective. i'm a very serious actor and the academy wanted me to carry this as a saying like we're going to get you one day. >> how bizarre would it be one day you did win an oscar and it was this one. i spent three weeks i would like a fresh oscar personally. >> not to be particular but i
8:34 am
prefer like a brand new oscar. >> did you get to go to the oscars? >> yes. we get to go. and we're bringing this oscar and ending the road trip at the oscars. and next to the bleachers where all the fans. >> we get plus one. i don't even have a date yet. >> i'll go. >> there you go. >> you got allison to go. >> i'm set now. >> thank you very much for coming in here. >> thanks for having us. >> never seen an oscar up close and personal. thank you much. allison, are you doing anything? no. going to a break. we'll be right back for more in just a couple minutes. >> good performance. confused anchorman. ápólçw?tóo
8:35 am
ápólçw?tóo this is dylan right here, this is dylan, and this is his big brother hayden. dylan's only five, but he's already been through two surgeries for brain tumors. and he just went through his second round of chemo. and this is their mother, dawn, who runs this loving and happy home. she too struggled with tumors. but that doesn't slow her down. her love of family comes first. their dad, phil, works two jobs, repairing copiers, and on weekends delivering newspapers. but the bills keep piling up, and the heating bill gets pushed off.
8:36 am
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you may have heard about the big bruce willis die hard marathon going on all day february 13th. five die hard movies back to back to back including the premiere of the new one good day to die hard. if you think you are tough
8:38 am
enough to take in all that action in one day, here's how you can win a ticket. go to's facebook page and like it. then go to and fill out the online entry form for the die hard marathon give away. you do have to do both to be eligible to win. so our fan page and also our web site. >> you can enter any time before midnight tonight. 25 winners will be chosen by random drawing and each receive one ticket to the die hard marathon on february 13th. you must be 18 or older to enter. see the complete rules on our web site at and just a note for you fox 5 fans, it's the facebook page. still ahead this morning. holly is going behind the scenes for a play going behind the scenes to stand up to bullies. >> reporter: it's a wonderful
8:39 am
lesson. if you are a kid and love japanese cartoons, they are coming to life. we are live this morning and called anime momotaro. it is a japanese folk tale which teaches kids important lessons. we're going to go on stage and find out how it all comes together. stay with us.  [ dad ] find it?
8:40 am
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8:42 am
welcome back. anime momotaro is a japanese classic that uses the stage to teach kids that it's okay to just be themselves. >> holly morris has more from imagination stage. a lesson we all could use a refresher in. >> reporter: we all need to know how to stand up to bullies. i have a question for you all. the star of the show here he has a super power. he has peach power. the power of speed, strength and courage. if you could have any super power, what would it be? >> the power to restore calm. >> oh, that's a good one. tony? >> i don't know . super speed. i don't know. >> i've thought about it a lot. >> reporter: man, allison has
8:43 am
the speed. her answer was -- my super power i thought about it would be to be invisible. >> yeah. >> reporter: that's a good one. i love taking places i can't normally take them. i could really show you some stuff. speaking of being invisible. let me introduce you to ryan sellers. you might not be able to see him. he's all in black and that is because you are a cokin. the whole point is to be invisible. explain it to me. >> the whole point is i'm supposed to highlight you. so i feel so sad. so sad. so that would be my job is to make this wonderful tear for her. >> you also have other things. do you have anger
8:44 am
fans. >> i have fire fans. >> bing. >> how hard is it to make sense well with the person you are trying to provide the invisible emotion? >> it's not hard. when they are going to do what they are going to do. exactly how they prep to do emotions. it's all about understanding who you are working with. >> it would be a lot about listening. when you do stuff live, the timing changes. the lines might change a little bit. so it's ever evolving. >> acting is number one skill is listening. acting is number one skill is always going to be listening. >> we've been watching some of the show here this morning, it's definitely different. for you being in a show like this, what is the experience been like?
8:45 am
>> i've loved it. i have a japanese culture in my history so i think it's fantastic. these cartoons are what i watched growing up. it's been like living the dream i wanted to be when i was a kid. >> that's a pretty good job. what are we going to see? >> the intro to the show. introduce them to the world we're creating so we can get them familiar with sort of the rules and the practices are of how we work on stage so we can make them understand how the invisible people work. >> how invisible people work. let's bring to life saturday morning japanese cartoons and hand the stage over to anime momotaro. >> in anime, we can have anything like explosions.
8:46 am
or cartoons. in anime we can have talking animals. old women with purple hair. for this production, the actors play many different roles including the role of cokin. are like theatrical ninjas. that's why we're all wearing these. whenever we're in black we're supposed to be invisible. many different jobs. we can move the set. bring in props. : . >> runs here at imagination stage through march the 10th. best for ages 5 to 10. $12 to $25. you can get them online at the box office or via phone.
8:47 am
coming up in our next hour, continue to delve deeper into this show and meet the costume designer. back to you. >> holly, thank you so much. looks like a great show. couple ticks away from 8:47 now. it's a thursday morning . and a new health scare. >> a health official joins us live with important information you need to know. that is coming up next. we'll be right back.  [ male announcer ] want to make a great car interior? stop looking at car interiors. get inspired by other stuff. yep. yep. ok. sure. why not? woah. touchscreens. put that in your dash. now, luxury stuff. make your seats like that. that thing has wifi, why doesn't your car? you can't do that. ignore that guy.
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8:50 am
february is national condom month. and wants to get the word out they can reduce the risk for hiv and other stds. a drug resistant strain, joining us this morning, justin is the directorate whitman walker health. good to see you again. welcome back to the show. let's start with the fact it is national black hiv and aides awareness day. offering free testing at some of the locations. we have the locations to put up as we talk about the importance of observing this day. where are we now in this population with
8:51 am
hiv/aids? >> we have two demographic groups that are being infected at increasing rates. african american women through heterosexual contact and young gay black men. in today's world, we shouldn't have anybody getting infected at higher rates. we need to level it off and start it on the way down. >> sorry we didn't have that information for you there. we're going to have that later for you on our web site. i guarantee you we will have it there. let's talk about this case out of canada. this drug resistant strain of gonorrhea. it's out there and badder than ever. tell us about it. >> it's really important people don't just connect condon use with hiv. there's a lot of disease that can cause health
8:52 am
issues. gonorrhea routinely every 7 or 10 years ups the ante and comes up with another resistance strain. a few years ago went from treating with a pill to an injection. they are talking about potentially iv antibiotics. it continues to be a bug that gets away from us. >> just another reason to practice safe sexual practice. >> condoms are still the easiest, cheapest way to prevent stds and hiv. and they do a really good job. a lot of people don't realize there are points you need to know to use it correctly so there's no breakage. >> they can fail. but the reason if they are within the whatever would be the expiration date, then they shouldn't. might need to get yourself
8:53 am
educated. >> exactly. there's really good information on the web about simple steps you need to pay attention to. there's also a female condom that's a good alternative for people who don't like the allergic. >> we are showing the hiv testing sites today. you can see them on your screen. ones at the anacostia metro. the elizbeth taylor. max robinson. pretty much any time of day you can go and make sure you know the status. before we let you go, we can sit here and talk about all these reasons why people choose not to practice safe sex. we know a lot of them. but during this month the push is on to do
8:54 am
this. it's a simple thing. anything you can tell the folks watching who think they are too cool to use condoms, what would you say? >> the first step is really good communication. to have a dialogue with your partner about what their history is and what last time they've been tested maybe and opening up that conversation makes using a condom or any prevention technique easier. you've already talked about it. you know what's going to happen ahead of time. you don't have to make those last minute decisions. that's where a lot of people make mistakes. >> the awkward moment. if it means you are std free or have your life -- >> can certainly be okay. >> this is justin goforth. this month is national condom month. educate somebody else. might be hard to bring it up but talk about it. tony over to
8:55 am
you. >> could be lifesaving. thank you very much. 8:54 now. still ahead. the post office is going to cut saturday delivery. but a virginia congressman says they don't have the power to do that. he will join us live to discuss what he calls the real problem. we'll be right back. ♪
8:56 am
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this is fox 5 morning news. >> right now at 9:00, a big day for president obama and his nominee as cia director. but will u.s. drone policies overshadow today's hearing and bring john brennan under fire? melanie alnwick is live to tell us about it. >> more time. the boy scouts of america hold off on a vote to lift the ban on gay members. why the organization is waiting until may to make a decision. >> it's about time to buy chocolates and flowers for your loved ones on this valentine's
8:59 am
day. so you don't want to miss today's show. it's easy, romantic. shower your love with homemade gifts. we have two experts to cover all the bases. >> and later this hour, a pooch impounded for theft. don't miss his mug shot and criminal act. good morning i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm allison seymour. all right. tucker barnes is downstairs in the weather center. pretty busy. we have trouble headed to this region. not us but close enough. >> we're on the edge of it. we have to keep a close eye on it as it continues to develop here. probably you've heard there will be a big storm here over the next couple days and that could bring heavy snow. north of new york city. southern new england. all right. let's do local weather . no issues. chilly out there with clouds moving in and a lot of clouds. 34 right now at


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